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Sculplobe e.V. and independent curator Marc Bredemeier (DE) cordially invite you to the exhibition project titled other AI at Lobe Space. This transdisciplinary exhibition project encompasses art, music, discussions, and a workshop. The program is further enhanced with texts, Discord (a digital/interactive communication platform), and a dedicated website.

Developed through a process-oriented and collaborative approach since April, the exhibition explores the realms of nature, culture, and humanity through the contributions of 19 participants.

In the ever-progressing landscape of Web 4.0 (a visionary phase where intelligent systems and technologies seamlessly integrate into everyday life, enabling personalized and interconnected experiences) and the upcoming introduction of GPT-4, the successor to GPT-3.5, AI offers fascinating potentials but also significant challenges and notable advancements, including the ability to process both image and text inputs. From 11 to 16 July 2023, the art exhibition will present works by nine young artists employing various media, inviting visitors to reflect upon the multifaceted aspects of these developments.

Drawing parallels to art history, one can recognize similarities between the development of AI and the influence of the Renaissance on other domains such as architecture, literature, philosophy, science, and anthropology. AI expands our horizons of data analysis, machine learning, automation, and opens up new possibilities for innovation. Similarly, AI enables the processing and analysis of large amounts of data, revealing new insights and discoveries in diverse fields. However, it is crucial to acknowledge and address the negative impacts of AI on visual communication, such as image manipulation through deepfake technologies or biased image recognition algorithms. With the continuous development of AI, preserving the ethics and integrity of visual content becomes of paramount importance.

To address these topics, other AI pursues a transdisciplinary, process-oriented, and collaborative approach. This fosters the exchange of knowledge and expertise across disciplinary boundaries, promoting a holistic understanding of complex issues. Through the expanded program, we combine perspectives, theories, and methods, advancing innovative solutions. This approach ensures a comprehensive exploration of the exhibition’s themes that goes beyond the confines of a single discipline.

Furthermore, the exhibition project recognizes the importance of reflecting on technological progress and its societal implications. Similar to dystopian works questioning future societies, the introduction of technology challenges us to raise questions about privacy, ethics, and the complex relationship between humans and machines. In the tradition of Romanticism, where artists and writers delved into the impacts of industrialization on nature and human existence, other AI sheds light on the effects of AI on our continuously updating world.

While we celebrate the achievements of AI, it is crucial to approach its development and application with critical awareness and responsibility. The exhibition project encourages an examination of the ethical implications and societal impacts of AI, particularly in the context of large language models (LLMs). other AI offers a multifaceted exploration of the effects by engaging with their social implications, power structures, and reevaluating the relationship between humans and technology. This provides us with an opportunity to shape a future that employs AI responsibly and ethically.

The exhibition also acknowledges the increasing importance of regulating AI, as expressed, for example, in the European Commission’s planned AI Act. With the growing integration of AI into society, this exhibition project explores topics such as deepfakes, ethics, data privacy, and the necessity of responsible AI regulation.

AI holds enormous potential for nature, culture, and humanity, ranging from addressing environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices to enhancing cultural diversity and medical diagnostics. However, challenges such as energy consumption, biases in cultural applications, ethical concerns related to automated decision-making, and impacts on jobs and the economy need to be carefully considered. Through other AI, visitors are invited to contemplate these aspects and gain a deeper understanding of the complex relationship between AI and our world.

We kindly remind all visitors that the other AI exhibition at Lobe Space strictly adheres to a „no photos“ policy throughout its duration. To preserve the integrity of the artistic experience and protect the digital content within the exhibition, photography and filming are strictly prohibited. To ensure compliance, visitors‘ cameras will be covered.

Welcome to other AI.

Past Events

Thursday, 13 July 2023
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM - DISCUSSION 1: with Marc Bredemeier (DE) (curation), Hannah-Katharina Chabbani (GB) (digital communication) about ‘other AI: a transdisciplinary exhibition project’

Together we will open the program of discussions and examine the project that started in April, taking a closer look at aspects of the curatorial approach which combined process-oriented and collaborative work practices. Explaining elements such as "NO PHOTOS: DIGITAL CONTENT ONLY”, we will reflect on the positives and negatives of a system that aims to be less centralized, sharing insights into the origins and purpose of our Discord server. Here the audience are encouraged to ask questions about what the potential impact of this project could be. We will discuss how to participate effectively, and explore our long-term goals for community development.

7:00 PM to 7:30 PM - BREAK

7:30 PM to 8:30 PM - DISCUSSION 2: with Till Bödeker (DE) about ‘the creation of the discord AI chat bot, Oroboros, followed by a live demo’

Here you are invited to see a live demo of Oroboros, an AI chatbot that uses Discord as a vessel to communicate. As the week of the exhibition passes, the entity will learn and house memories from participatory input and is designed to further advance the conversation around nature, culture and humanity.

8:30 PM to 9:00 PM - BREAK

9:00 PM to 10:00 PM - DISCUSSION 3: with Irma Mastenbroek (NL) about ‘AI Ethics and Alignment’

Irma will touch on how patriarchal power structures have created the illusion of a measurable and objective truth, and how embodied, emotional experiences have been forgotten and silenced as a consequence. The plan is to create a safe space for an embodied conversation about AI ethics and AI alignment, where every perspective is valued and respected. Here, we will raise questions such as: How will our human values and morals be measured and incorporated into AI systems? What will these conversations look like?


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Friday, 14 July 2023
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM - DISCUSSION 4: with Nelson Ijakaa Imo (KE) about ‘generative models and extended reality in contemporary discourse’

“My speaking engagement will be centered around my seminar work which focused on utilizing generative models and extended reality towards contemporary discourse. Recent advancements in the field of Generative image models have created an explosion of interest in the creative aspects of "Artificial intelligence". While we now know that the technology is changing many areas of work, its potential impact on creative tasks and creative work remains to be established. During the seminar we will discuss digital trust between humans, digital devices & software and the institutions that own and distribute some of these technologies. I intend to touch on these conversations in an open discourse with the audience.”

7:00 PM to 7:30 PM - BREAK

7:30 PM to 8:30 PM - DISCUSSION 5: with artists Serena Coelho (BR) and Aleksandr Delev (MK) about sharing perspectives in relation to their artworks inside the exhibition ‘other AI’

In an intimate art talk, Serena Coelho and Aleksandr Delev, will discuss the profound impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on humanity, examining both its positive and negative aspects. The dialogue will underscore the complexity of AI’s role in art and society, prompting the artists and audience alike to reflect on the delicate balance between technological advancement and the preservation of humanity’s core values. The artists will navigate the main topic through different sub-themes such as:
The Other and AI
Identity in the Age of Technology
Narratives: speculation/science x individual/common sense
Disfunctionalization as a subversive act
By the end of the talk, the discussion will be open so the audience can introduce their personal thoughts about the different ideas raised throughout the interaction.


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Saturday, 15 July 2023
Get ready to step back in time as we take you on a nostalgic musical journey during Nikolas Brummer's DJ Set. Join us on Saturday, 15 July 2023, as we revisit the early beginnings of software and hardware in the music industry.

Travel back to the vibrant era of the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s when electronic music started making waves in popular culture. Witness the rise of synthesizers, drum machines, and innovative production techniques that revolutionized the soundscapes of pop music. It was during this time that the marriage of technology and music captured the hearts of millions, and the world was forever changed.

Nikolas Brummer will pay homage to those groundbreaking moments, taking us on a sonic adventure that celebrates the impact of software and hardware on the music we love. Feel the infectious energy of classic beats, pulsating basslines, and mesmerizing melodies as they intertwine with the latest sounds of today.

Join us as we dance to the rhythms that defined an era, where artists and producers pushed the boundaries of creativity using cutting-edge technology. It's a journey that will transport you through time, evoking cherished memories and creating new ones.

The independent curator Marc Bredemeier (DE) invites you to be part of this extraordinary DJ Set, where the past meets the present, and the beats of the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s merge seamlessly with the sounds of today. Get ready to groove to the tunes that shaped a generation and experience the magic of music and technology coming together.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, 15 July 2023, and prepare to dance, reminisce, and celebrate the evolution of music. It's a night filled with nostalgia, summer vibes, and the undeniable power of the DJ set by Nikolas Brummer.

Join us at Sculplobe e.V., where we celebrate art, culture, and the transformative influence of technology on our creative endeavors. It's an event you won't want to miss, so get your dancing shoes ready and prepare to be taken on a musical journey like no other.

Let's come together and embrace the beats that shaped a generation. See you on the dancefloor!

Tickets at the venue with limited capacity = first come, first served

Written by ChatGPT
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Community Guidelines

The entire team of other AI is committed to supporting people with diverse cultures, backgrounds, and identities. To ensure that everyone feels safe and welcome, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination, harassment, and abuse of any kind. Participants are requested to be respectful and considerate towards others. Throughout the exhibition project, no photography or videography is allowed. For further comments or suggestions for improvement, please contact info@other-ai.website. We look forward to what’s come.

The Lobe Block is an accessible venue and features an accessible restroom as well as two elevators (on the ground floor). Upon request, we offer additional assistance to people with disabilities. For inquiries or further information regarding this, please contact info@other-ai.website.


Essay: Morgan Williams, ‘The singularity and narrow AI: where do we go from here?’


Article: Ella Shields, ‘Embrace the AI Revolution: Celebrating Human Connection and the Triumph of Being’


Text: art historian Anna Maria Linder on the artwork of ‘Alisa Tsybina’ 



We want to create a network of people who are interested in continuing the conversation. 
Please join via the invitation link: https://discord.gg/sfUyG5nX48


Contributed by Hannah-Katharina Chabbani

WEB 2.0
WEB 3.0
WEB 4.0

Aex Valijani (SE)

Aex Valijani explores hegemonic culture and subcultural behaviors. Using affective memory, he, along with Jacob Broms Engblom, creates life forms that exist in the shadow of tall buildings. Both artists have received extensive training in art and philosophy, and their works have been exhibited internationally. In the piece "Never Forget," they combine visual elements of the September 11 events with the Avatar franchise, referencing the fragmented realities of the digital present. It encompasses synthesized images and soundscapes, as well as a voice-over based on the script of La Jetée. It reflects the connection between collective memory, digital culture, and the handling of memories.

Aleksandr Delev (MK)

Aleksandr Delev explores the connection between image and object by creating a dream-like environment. His objects move between autonomous design and semi-functional products, creating a psychogeographic landscape. He manipulates forms and patterns in 2D and 3D, both analog and digital, resulting in errors as they transition between different media. Delev strives to create an alternative environment that breaks away from practical and universally valid guidelines. He utilizes digital apophenia (perceptual illusion) and generates a sense of disorientation to produce multi-layered and inspiring gestures of translation.

Alisa Tsybina (DE)

Alisa Tsybina examines the influence of societal structures on social identity and explores the human aspect in her artistic practice. Her own migration experiences shape her works, which delve into childhood memories, identity search, and experiences in asylum seeker homes. Tsybina observes bodies in her memory and explores their forms, the surrounding world, and actions. In her paintings and installations, she confronts her own history and integrates collective motifs. The human is depicted as a mobile body in different times, from Russian past to a new home. Reality blurs between dream and memory, and the people in Tsybina's work are not fully aware of the dissolution of their history.

Dongchan Kim (KR)

Dongchan Kim visualizes the process of digitization and datafication of daily life through his works. He addresses the issues and phenomena that arise from the interaction between reality and the digital world. In particular, he aims to highlight how Artificial Intelligence (AI) indiscriminately captures various aspects of our lives with data. In his work, he transforms videos of walks in nature into 3D representations using AI-powered 3D software. Through a moving TV sculpture in the form of a scanner, he showcases the reinterpreted videos to illustrate how many aspects of our lives are data-driven and influenced by AI, even if we are not aware of it.

Ella Shields (IE)

Ella Shields (they/them) is a queer workshop facilitator. With a background in psychology and cultural anthropology and a deep understanding of the LGBTQ+ scene, Ella has spent many years analyzing society, culture, and human relationships. Now, Ella aims to share these thoughts and create playful learning environments where others can explore, learn from each other, and rediscover themselves: who we are and how we can interact with others.

Hannah-Katharina Chabbani (GB)

Hannah-Katharina Chabbani from London, England, has an academic background in media, broadcast & digital communication, and creative direction, as well as a decade of experience in luxury retail. Her book of research, or 'OPERATIONAL PLAN,' forms the basis of the creative agency, WEB 4.0 PRODUCTIONS, which aims to soon appoint an Artificial Intelligence program as a legal director in the company, putting a new kind of arts institution entirely into the hands of its keyholders.
The work aims to update traditional business practices and structures at a time when all kinds of microdata are being harvested to train algorithms that personalize experiences and enable interoperability. Since early 2021, the collective mission has always been to bring virtual concepts to IRL settings, where controlled test runs can be held to learn more and evolve the network. Decisions will be funneled into a software service capable of automatically taking actions, giving the human soul a better understanding of its right to thrive within the fractal pathways. Opt-in or opt-out; journey around or in-between; experience dark or light … or the multilayered zones in between.

Irma Mastenbroek (NL)

Irma Mastenbroek is an associate researcher at the AI & Society Lab, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG): an interdisciplinary research laboratory at the intersection of research, industry, and civil society. During her undergraduate studies in Mathematics at Utrecht University, Irma Mastenbroek specialized in mathematical algorithms and explainable AI, with minors in Operations Research (at UvA) and Computer Science (at UU). In her master's studies in Applied Data Science, she focused on topics such as neural networks, recommendation algorithms, and knowledge graphs.

Jacob Broms Engblom (SE)

Jacob Broms Engblom explores undocumented phenomena, mysticism, and anxieties in the interconnected digital culture through his work. His focus lies particularly on algorithms and machine learning. Using affective memory, he collaborates with Alex Valijani to create life forms that exist in the shadow of tall buildings. Both artists have received extensive training in art and philosophy, and their works have been exhibited internationally. In the piece "Never Forget," they combine visual elements of the September 11 events with the Avatar franchise, referencing the fragmented realities of the digital present. It encompasses synthesized images and soundscapes, as well as a voice-over based on the script of La Jetée. It reflects the connection between collective memory, digital culture, and the handling of memories.

Jakob Sitter Midttun (NO)

Jakob Sitter currently works as an artist and developer in New York, exploring the impact of technological systems on society. His works encompass installations, videos, and software, focusing on deepfakes and synthetic media, challenging the authenticity of information. His web-based work, "jakobseeder," allows visitors to create realistic deepfake images of him and publish them on his social media accounts. In the exhibition "other AI" at Lobe Block in Berlin, Sitter created an interactive object that provides visitors with access to an online platform through NFC tags and controls the display of images on an e-paper.

Leo Elia Jung (DE)

Leo Elia works as a multimedia artist at the intersection of art and technology. In the past, he has created works on greenwashing, climate protection projects, network infrastructures, and the logic of liberal problem-solving. He resides between Berlin and Hamburg and has exhibited in numerous exhibition spaces. Future presentations of his works are planned in Shanghai, China, and Polignano a Mare, Italy. "Silicon Veins (2023)" by Leo Elia Jung showcases copperplate engravings of California gold mining tools from the 1850s, generated by Microsoft Bing AI and engraved onto the back of a Microsoft Surface tablet. The piece highlights parallels between mineral extraction, technological progress, and labor in the history of Silicon Valley by juxtaposing two methods of image production. Copperplate engraving was a technique commonly used in the early stages of the Industrial Revolution, while AI image generation is gradually making its way into general use today.

Mareike Bode (DE)

Mareike Bode is an artist who explores the sense of smell as an undiscovered force of nature. She uses scents as a means to create versatile and interdisciplinary spaces that engage different olfactory perceptions and memories. Through the evanescence of smells, she generates a spontaneous openness within individuals and between people, leading to unforeseen experiences. Bode is a co-founder of Scent Club Berlin, a former community focused on the olfactory realm that offered monthly gatherings, knowledge exchange, and activities such as scent tours, workshops, and the presentation of other scent-related artists.

Morgan Williams (GB)

Morgan is a researcher with a background in philosophy and a keen interest in AI ethics. He works for Stripe Partners, a strategy and innovation consultancy based in London, and through his work, he puts the worlds of people and their cultures at the center of developing new technologies. Engaging in the AI ethics community since 2019, he started a blog on the subject (Aithics.co) to capture and incorporate the technological zeitgeist through a combination of analytical philosophy and ethnographic practice. He has collaborated with well-known companies such as Spotify, Meta, Hedvig, and 1Password, working with various teams in product, technology, design, and marketing.

Nelson Ijakaa Imo (KE)

Nelson Ijakaa Imo, a Kenyan artist based in Arusha, considers himself a multidisciplinary artist who prioritizes ideas over the medium used. Initially, he focused on oil and acrylic paintings, later exploring sculpture and shadow art, working with both 2D and 3D dimensions. Nelson graduated from the Buru Buru Institute of Fine Arts in 2012 and from Graffins College in 2021 with a focus on graphic design. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, such as the KAN Festival, the "Novembre Numerique" exhibition at Maison Beaulier in Kigali, and the virtual reality exhibition "State of the ARt" organized by the Goethe-Institut. Notable among his engagements are the augmented reality exhibition "African Heroes" and the Absa L'atelier 2018 in South Africa.

Nikolas Brummer (DE)

Nikolas Brummer is an artist, writer, and curator from Berlin who engages with various media and explores the social, cultural, and political aspects of emotions and affects. He is a member of PlusX, a project space that delves into performance, text, and sound. PlusX manifests itself through a bimonthly broadcast on Cashmere Radio, both online and offline. His work focuses on finding new ways of expressing and reflecting on emotions and presenting them in different artistic forms. To do so, he utilizes active and passive listening as both tools and subjects of critique. Through collecting, cataloging, and writing about music, he examines the sociocultural dimensions of affects, with a focus on recent music history and popular culture.

Serena Coelho (BR)

Serena Coelho examines her own identity during her transition from male to female form. She explores the journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance, as well as the influence of outward appearance on self-expression. As a Brazilian trans woman in Denmark, she also investigates the visual expression of transgender youth in both countries. Serena aims to create a narrative that represents the transformation of a hybrid body from south to north, from male to female. Her goal is to understand and illustrate this ongoing transformation. The concept of "speculative metacorporeality" refers to theoretical embodiments beyond physical boundaries. Serena explores alternative ways of being and questions identity, embodiment, and the limits of human nature. Her work aims to highlight new possibilities and challenge the status quo by blending nature and artificially created organisms together.

Sigourney Pilz and Thomas Fornoff (DE)

Sigourney Pilz and Thomas Fornoff are two artists based in Berlin who have been working solo, as a duo, or in collectives under various pseudonyms since 2011. They are sound artists and hosts of a regular show on Cashmere Radio. In the field of sound, they not only explore DJ sets but also engage in artistic research in the natural and emotional sciences. Field recordings, noises, texts, and music serve as a language to invite listeners to adopt different perspectives and states of being. Examples include a mushroom walk, the world of microbes and mud, and a performative audio play about the realm of stalactite caves and axolotls. With backgrounds in film, theater, stage design, and social art, their current artistic focus lies in creating spaces where people can interact with each other and the surrounding ecosystems.

Till Bödeker (DE)

Till Bödeker is an artist from Neuss and Düsseldorf who engages with various disciplines such as philosophy, literature, and collaborative practices. He gives lectures on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and moderates discussions with various art personalities. Part of his work revolves around the topic of AI. He is also active as a moderator at various events, including panel discussions and conversations with artists such as Kathrin Bentele, Nina Beier, and Simon Denny. Bödeker is involved in projects that explore proprioceptive art and other subjects.

Marc Bredemeier

Hannah-Katharina Chabbani

Aleksandr Delev, Alisa Tsybina, Aex Valijani, Dongchan Kim, Jacob Broms Engblom, Jakob Sitter Midttun, Leo Elia Jung, Mareike Bode, Serena Coelho, Till Bödeker

Nikolas Brummer, Sigourney Pilz, Thomas Fornoff

Aleksandr Delev, Hannah-Katharina Chabbani, Irma Mastenbroek, Nelson Ijakaa Imo, Serena Coelho, Till Bödeker

Morgan Williams

Anna Maria Linder

Jacopo La Forgia

Barbara Buchmaier, Birgit Szepanski, Carlotta Gonindard Liebe (🔥🔥), Ciara Gallegos, Gabriel Becak, Goethe-Institut Nairobi, Marie Kube, Daniel Hölzl, Hannes Brunner, John Wohlmacher, Julia Wirxel, Kasiope Krasniqi, Marisa Zeising, Melike Bilir, Richard Wilke, Sienna Ardis

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Dongchan Kim (KR)

Installation view of Dongchan Kim Intra,action at the exhibition other AI at Lobe Block, Berlin 2023; Photo: Jacopo La Forgia
Dongchan Kim visualizes the process of digitization and datafication of daily life through his works. He addresses the issues and phenomena that arise from the interaction between reality and the digital world. In particular, he aims to highlight how Artificial Intelligence (AI) indiscriminately captures various aspects of our lives with data.

In his work, he transforms videos of walks in nature into 3D representations using AI-powered 3D software. Through a moving TV sculpture in the form of a scanner, he showcases the reinterpreted videos to illustrate how many aspects of our lives are data-driven and influenced by AI, even if we are not aware of it.
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Alisa Tsybina (DE)

Installation view of Alisa Tsybina Satin und Bedeutungsverschleiß at the exhibition other AI at Lobe Block, Berlin 2023; Photo: Jacopo La Forgia
Installation view of Alisa Tsybina Heiligstes Herz und Kadmiumorange, Lindwurm und Ultramarinblau & Backpiece von 2003 at the exhibition other AI at Lobe Block, Berlin 2023; Photo: Jacopo La Forgia
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